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The video below, details the history of the Industrial Relations Society of Tasmania (IRST). Life members, past presidents and current members tell the story of its past, present and future.

The Industrial Relations Society of Tasmania (IRST), established in the 1980s, has evolved into a crucial entity for the education and mentorship of those involved in Industrial Relations. Overcoming initial challenges, it became a significant forum for practitioners, emphasising relationship-building and professional development in a neutral environment.

Key milestones in its history include the 1980 overhaul of Tasmania's IR system, the drafting of the IR Bill in 1983–84, and the replacement of the Wages Board with the Industrial Committee in 1985. After setbacks in the 1990s, IRST was revitalised in 1998 by Pat Leary, who became Tasmania’s first female Industrial Commissioner, TIC and IRST President.

Fading away during the early 2000’s, IRST experienced a reinvention in the next decade. In June 2019, IRST was re-launched by a number of passionate IR practitioners. Presently, with over 120 members, IRST serves as a neutral platform for discussing IR issues. Its functions encompass professional development, advocacy training, conferences, workshops, newsletters, website updates, mentoring, research, networking, and collaboration.

In the dynamic landscape of Industrial Relations, IRST stands as a vital platform for the exchange of information and ideas.

The video below details the history of the Industrial Relations Society of Tasmania (IRST). Significant members tell the story of their past, present, and future.


Level 7, 86 Collins Street, Hobart, Tasmania, 7000

P: (03) 6165 6775

GPO Box 1108
Hobart 7001


RST is a member of ALERA. ALERA is governed by an Executive Committee made up of representatives from the affiliated States and Territory bodies. ALERA brings together representatives of trade unions, employers, Government, the legal profession and academics and to both organise and foster discussion, research, education and publication within the field of industrial and workplace relations.

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